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DeGao quality, integrity, refinement, win-win future
   ZhangJiaGang DeGao Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a high separation machinery industry in the main centrifuge production enterprises, research on centrifuges, designs, manufactures several decades of history, has a full range of equipment, improve the detection means, is IS09001- 2000 international quality system certification enterprises. Series production of clean centrifuge meet the GMP standards, it has won national and local honorary title.
Enterprises with strong technical force, and employ more than well-known experts in the domestic industry, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign counterparts and learn advanced technology and experience to develop the SS type, SX-type, SG type, SGZ type, SD type, SB type, AUT type, LW type, LWL-type, IL type, TG type, GK type, LGZ type and clean type centrifuge series, clean type centrifuge which is my factory technical personnel for the pharmaceutical industry GMP standard requirements for equipment and food and health industry hygiene and cleanliness requirements of development, covering the SS, SD, SGZ, AUT almost all series, ninety-two strict accordance with national standards "GB / T 13755-92" and "centrifuge safety requirements" requirements production, and strictly control the indicators testing, balancing, vibration, voice sound, temperature, etc., for the special requirements of customers, I can plant according to customer requirements to design a feasible separation technology solutions.
The companies always adhere to customer first, quality first approach most, the most quality throughout the entire process of manufacturing, phased implementation of the quality control. The most heavy, stresses credibility, created the foundation of enterprises, ambition tree, a great cause, aiming new JCDecaux.
The companies warmly welcome new and old customers and experts at home and abroad to plant inspection, guidance, we will be quality products, excellent service to your satisfaction!

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