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Corrosion requirements


Proof requirements

The centrifuges separated material has a certain degree of corrosion, and material contact parts of corrosion-resistant material must reach the requirements to ensure safe use.
I can corrode the material data separated by user, providing a variety of products and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel (304,321,316L), titanium, Hastelloy, etc., can take a variety of anti-corrosion surface treatment methods, such as passivation coating polyester, F46, HALAR, lined with plastic, rubber lining.
Customer and material selection should be washed, cleaning fluid physical and chemical properties (chemical properties, separation temperature, etc.) tell us to be able to make recommendations based on material selection centrifuge separated properties of the medium, and configure the appropriate seal rings, gaskets, and cloth to ensure that the centrifuge corrosion requirements.


Material or environmental centrifuge processed contain flammable organic solvents and other substances, the centrifuge should have the explosion-proof function, mechanical, electronic control, configuration, etc. annex to take a variety of measures, such as:
Electronic control system: Explosion-proof fence, the non-contact type power consumption brake, static grounding, explosion-proof automatic control;
Mechanical systems: explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof lighting, anti-collision measures, anti-static belt:
Explosion Accessories: Ammonia protective devices, on-site explosion-proof control button.
Thus, for explosion-proof requirements of the occasion, user instructions should be separated in order medium, explosion-proof
And grade requirements, configure the device and take appropriate measures to meet explosion-proof requirements.

Cleanliness requirements Closed requirements centrifuges

At present, many users in a production environment and product hygiene equipment places high demands
About cleanliness requirements centrifuge mainly in the following aspects:
● models and choice of material
● polishing surface (smooth) Treatment
● material contact parts no health corners
● a full range of washing


With the development of the national economy, growing environmental awareness, the pursuit of product quality and standards changes, people centrifuge put forward higher requirements, especially the pharmaceutical industry, since launched a series of closed centrifuge, the company continued to explore now the concept has been extended to almost closed all centrifuge series, solid-liquid separation process is run at a full closure Division of state, the centrifuge into a "sunless" equipment, your production environment to bring unexpected changes make it easier for your certification.
Of course, not simply confined word, it is a system, we will be with you to complete. At the same time, the use of different occasions, the requirements of the machine with a variety of different process conditions, our company with decades of experience, and dry than discuss clients, for a variety of conditions required to design a variety of responses.

Select the filter material Centrifuge installation requirements

First select the filter material should meet corrosion requirements, depending on the chemical nature of the separation of materials, select the appropriate filter cloth material.
Cloth filter mesh (model) according to the particle diameter and particle size distribution of the separated materials to determine, generally choose cloth mesh (models) should be slightly larger than the diameter of the particles to be retained in the initial stage of a small amount of filter filtered through small particles, larger particles are trapped when the bypass is formed cake layer, the phenomenon can be eliminated through filtration, helps to improve the filtration efficiency.
Appropriate choice of filter media to the success of solid-liquid separation, the company accumulated more than 10 years experience in manufacturing centrifuges, has specialized in the study of the art filtration media, filter media can discuss with you under various process conditions to meet your energy performance requirements:
● clear filtrate
● easy to peel cake
● economical filtration time
● small blockage trend
● adequate filter life
● do not form new pollution (especially for drugs)


I should be installed before the machine factory documents installation requirements, selection and plant layout should pay attention to:
Should be sufficient space between the ● use and maintenance of centrifuges and installation of equipment and other neighboring devices and centrifuges, centrifuge people around the host must be not less than 1 meter walkway. Above the centrifugal machine host must have two meters of assembly and disassembly maintenance space. When the electrical control box, hydraulic system, pneumatic control system for installation position, also have to set up assembly and disassembly maintenance space;
● cabinet (pneumatic control box) should be placed in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive gas sites, and should be in the vicinity of the host (can be installed separately);
● site control buttons (console) should be installed next to the host, to facilitate the operation;
● centrifuge piping connections (feed tube outlet pipe, washing pipe, exhaust pipe, line pipe cleaning, pipe nitrogen, compressed air pipes, cables, tubes, etc.) must be flexible connection, the connection must be a reliable seal or insulating means, should be grounded centrifuge device to ensure the safe use of electricity and no leakage. Feed, a liquid line should be as short as possible to prevent blockage. Hydraulic tubing as short as possible to reduce pressure losses;
● external diameter not less than the fluid machine outlet pipe diameter, and shall not have died bent, clogged piping arrangement should be lower than the height of the liquid nozzle, and a certain height difference, so that the liquid flow.
● centrifuge feed pressure should be maintained at ≥0.2bar. Air pressure (for driving the feeding, washing valve) shall not be less than 4-5bar, set the oil-water separator and regular checks, but should be checked often, especially when the air humidity to avoid moisture in the air into the cylinder and control valves, valve means should always filling oil mist generator can be reduced wear and reduced working resistance pneumatic system components.
● Follow the electrical schematic diagram of the centrifuge control system configuration diagram, the electrical and mechanical technician will be solid, gas, liquid, electricity and other pipelines connected and confirm the installation is correct.

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